Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Renewed Commitment

Some readers may remember that I have faithfully following Weight Watchers, on and off, for yours.  I have been slacking at it the last few, though I have been attending meetings for almost the last year.  My employer has an At Work meeting that meets once a week, and I discovered in October that the leader I really like was doing the meeting!  I quickly found out how to sign up for the next session of meetings (12 week sessions).   She was surprised to see me and I was happy to see her!

Thought I know in my head that it shouldn't matter, having her as a leader really is important to me, and I care more about the Plan when attending her meetings.  Since I started attending again back in October I have gained some, but not nearly the amount I would have had I not been attending.  In all honesty, I wasn't even really trying all that much but was still going to meetings.

Well, our most recent At Work session ended a few weeks ago (before the camping trip) and isn't being renewed due to lack of interest.  She told us where and did meetings at the WW Centers, and there is one that is on Thursday evenings (5:30pm) and is about 20min away from work (it's 20min further away from home, but oh well!).  So, once I returned from my camping trip I signed up for meetings and went the day after returning.  I gained a little which I expected.  It had been two weeks since getting weighed, I wasn't eating the best food while camping, and I changed from a Noon weigh-in to after work.

Something got in to my head during that meeting that hadn't managed to in the past 10 months and I made a commitment to myself to track EVERYTHING I ate for the next week (Fri-Thurs) - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  This is my downfall....I hate to track and I lose interest in tracking after a while.  My reasoning is that I can't see myself tracking for the rest of my life so I shouldn't have to do it to lose weight (we can all see how well THAT has worked!).

Some miraculous things happened so far.....  First, I have actually tracked everything I've eaten!!   Second, I've actually started caring and trying to keep my food within my daily and weekly SmartPoints (SP) targets.   NOW....that isn't to say I've made good choices...but I've tracked them!   I am allotted 30SP per day and 35 discretionary for the week.  In the six days that I've been tracking I am 51SP in the hole so far this week.  Tomorrow is the last day of my tracking week.  Friday-Sunday was a complete disaster....Mon-Wed have gone much better!  I prepped lunch foods on Monday night and it makes it a lot easier!

I have been having soft-boiled eggs for breakfast when I get up early enough to make breakfast as home (I need to do this more!!!).  I also decided to start eating healthier as well and bought whole grain bread (21 grains!). I love bread with lots of things in it.  I ended up with Killer Dave's 21 Grain (no soy - yay!).  I also purchased an avocado to try the avocado, egg, and toast for breakfast.

I have made it twice this week so far and have to say that I think I stay fuller longer with two soft-boiled eggs, 1/4 of an avocado and one slice of bread for breakfast than I was with three soft-boiled eggs and nothing else.  I do sometimes have a banana for a snack in the morning.  Here's what this morning's looked like!

This week I made pineapple bbq chicken filling for lettuce wraps.  I like bread, but as sandwiches.  I like sandwich fillings (for lack of a better word) but not actual sandwiches.  For a long time I never liked bread - then I discovered I liked hearty bread with 'things' in it (nuts, seeds, etc....).   I like tortillas and such, however I haven't been successful in finding a brand that does not use soy flour or soy oil (avoiding soy is a personal, not dietary, choice).  So, I thought I would try lettuce wraps this week and see how it goes.

Here is the filling on the romaine leaf:

Rolled up....attempting to eat it, lol!!

It was pretty good.  It has 8oz raw chicken, 1/4c bbq sauce, 1/4c water, some chunk pineapple, and carrot sticks.  Might try heating the filling up a little and see if it's better.

~Chelle *o*

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