Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Retirement Cake

Hey All!

I worked on a cake tonight!  It is for a retirement party at work (tomorrow), for a gentleman that likes to visit California and Arizona, ride trains, and likes the New England sports teams.  It is half chocolate and half yellow (each 9x13). I baked one on Monday night and one last night.  Then put it together and decorated tonight.

The top edge was left as is, to represent waves in the water.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Introduction

Hello All!

A little bit about myself, and my blog.  I am Chelle, I live in New England (which is great for most of the year, lol).  I am an accountant by day and a cake decorator in my spare time.  I also enjoy camping and bicycle riding when the weather permits.  Once upon a time, I had three blogs that I maintained.  I say 'Once Upon a Time' because it's been nearly a year since I posted to any of them.  I felt I couldn't post to one without posting to the other two and that thought was usually too overwhelming for me, haha.  So.....I decided to create ANOTHER blog to combine those and just have one place to post!  Great idea, huh?!?!?!  As a friend pointed out the other night, now I only have one blog to ignore instead of three, lol.   Hopefully that won't happen!

So, here are the links to my other blogs, should you care to visit them (links open in a separate window):

Caking My Sanity  - All about my caking life :)

Eating for Life - My weightloss journey with Weight Watchers

A Girl and Her Tent - My camping/outdoor blog

So, I have good intentions of posting to this blog semi-regularly, as it fits into my crazy life.