Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dutch Oven Cooking

As I said in my previous post, I went camping last weekend and used my dutch oven to make some yummy food!!!

My first recipe of brilliance was to make what I call "baked pancakes".  You I mentioned in my previous post, I am taking two of Muffin's kids camping (15 & 17yo boys), and hopefully Wolf will be joining us.  Ever try cooking pancakes for four people in a frying pan that cooks ONE pancake at a time???  Yeah....not so fun when it's for four people.  So I brilliantly thought of baking the entire pancake recipe and see what I would get.  I did some research online and found that this is actually a way to cook pancakes that lots of people do!  The recipes I found were to be baked at 425 for about 10-15 minutes.  Yay!  Not a long time!!  I also found that people were saying the recipes were a little dry and adding some oil might help.

So, I had the brilliant idea to fry half a pound of bacon (chopped at home) in the dutch oven, and then try baking the pancake batter.  I use Bisquick because that's what I like.  So, I heated the dutch oven to somewhere between 425 and 450 or so.  I don't remember how many briquettes I used, but it was approx 4 per 100 degrees.  I let it preheat for about 15min or so.

Then I dumped the bacon in:

Somewhere around 20-30min later (I really have no idea as I didn't keep track) the bacon was fried!!!!
Have you EVER seen anything look so good?????

While the bacon was frying I mixed up the bisquick pancake recipe (2c bisquick, 1 egg, 1c milk).  I added 6oz of chocolate chips because Wolf and I like chocolate chip pancakes.  I then added most of the fried bacon and most of the bacon fat to the mix (who doesn't love bacon fat???).

I then poured everything into the dutch oven and covered it.  At some point I lit new briquettes and replaced the first set.  I think I baked the pancake for about 20min or so....basically until it looked done.

Here's what it looked like after we took our portions:

Oh My Goodness.....was it FANTASTIC!!!!!!
It might not look pretty on the plate, but it sure tasted awesome!!!

The other meal I cooked in the Dutch Oven was for dinner the same night as the day I cooked the pancake for breakfast.  This meal I had tried to cook in my Dutch Oven at Wolf's house and we ended up finishing it on the stove in the kitchen because the rice was crunchy and we were starving.

The recipe is called "Creamy Rice and Chicken" except this time I used kielbasa instead of chicken.  The ingredients are simple: three cans of cream of [something] soup (I used cream of chicken, cream of celery and cheddar cheese), a packet of onion soup mix, 1.5c of rice (I used jasmine rice), 1.5c of water and whatever meat you want.  It is supposed to bake for 1h 15min at 350 or so.  Because of my previous experience with it, I used more briquettes and I think it cooked in about an hour and a half.  I also put a piece of foil under the dutch oven and wrapped it up the sides to keep the heat of the briquettes contained, as well as making a foil 'cover' over the dutch oven lid to also keep the heat in.  I think it helped a lot with cooking times because the heat isn't being wasted.

Part way through cooking!

We got a fire started while dinner cooked!
It was yummy!!!

I'm not sure if this picture was taken while breakfast was cooking, or dinner.  It is the dutch oven along with the chimney starter and the bag of briquettes.  It might have been breakfast cooking (the bacon frying) since there are no coals on the lid of the Dutch Oven.

I can't wait to make lots more yummy stuff in it!!!

~Chelle *o*

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